Morning Musume

Morning Musume (モーニング娘。) is a Japanese pop girl group produced by Tsunku, managed by Up-Front Promotion, and part of Hello! Project as its flagship group. They are also known as "Momusu" (モー娘。) for short, and have adopted the name "Jou An Sao Nu Jou" (pinyin: Zǎo Ān Shào Nǚ Zǔ; traditional Chinese: 早安少女組。) for the Chinese market. Formed in 1997 on the talent show ASAYAN, Morning Musume quickly became, and still remains, one of Japan's top all-girl groups with a number of hit records and albums. They have sold over 17,746,446 copies in Japan alone. They were masterminded and managed by their producer Tsunku who is responsible for the composition of the majority of their songs and lyrics, production of their CD-sleeve covers, designing of their costumes and make-up and their live shows.

Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo (Berryz工房, literally "Berryz Workshop"), also romanized as Berryz Koubou or Berryz Kōbō, is a Japanese girl group, currently consisting of seven members.


Cute, stylized as °C-ute (℃-ute Kyūto), is a Japanese girl group, consisting of five members. Cute is part of Hello! Project, produced by Tsunku, who also writes almost all the band's songs. (でんぱ組.inc) is a Japanese pop idol group under the label MEME TOKYO. The group formed in 2008 performing daily on Akihabara's DearStage live bar. In December that same year they released their debut single, "Mirror Magic?", under the indies label DearStage Records as Dempagumi (でんぱ組). Then in 2010 they released their major debut, the joint single "Kiss+kiss de Owaranai / Star☆tin'", under the label Lantis.

Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)

Up Up Girls Kakko Kari (アップアップガールズ(仮) Appu Appu Gāruzu Kakko Kari, Up Up Girls (Subject to Change)) is a Japanese female idol group. The group was formerly named Up-Front Girls Kakko Kari (アップフロントガールズ(仮) Appu Furonto Gāruzu Kakko Kari?, Up-Front Girls (Subject to Change)). The name of the group is abbreviated Apuga (アプガ?) or Appu Appu (アップアップ?).

Momoriro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ Momoiro Kurōbā Zetto), commonly abbreviated as Momoclo (ももクロ momokuro), is a Japanese idol group, composed of five girls. They are known for energetic performances, incorporating elements of ballet, gymnastics, and action movies. A 2013 survey ranked the group as number one among female idol groups at that time.


SUPER☆GiRLS (often abbreviated S☆G) is a Japanese pop idol girl group signed to avex trax. They are the first group signed under avex's sub-label iDOL Street, which is limited only to idol artists.


Babymetal (stylized BABYMETAL) is a Japanese metal vocal and dance group, consisting of 3 girls. The group is managed by the Amuse talent agency.

Team Syachihoko

Team Syachihoko (チームしゃちほこ Chīmu Shachihoko) is a Japanese female idol group consisting of six schoolgirls from the city of Nagoya.


S/mileage (スマイレージ Sumairēji) is a Japanese idol girl group from Hello! Project, which originally consisted of four former Hello! Pro Egg (Hello! Project trainees) members. They graduated from Egg status in 2010 and became full-time members of Hello! Project. In 2010, they won the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. In 2011, five new girls were added to the group as part of the second generation, two being former Egg members and three new girls, but at the same time, the group also lost three girls.


Juice=Juice, pronounced "Juice Juice", is a Japanese girl group, formed in 2013. It is positioned as a unit formed of trainee members of Hello! Project.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (私立恵比寿中学 Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku, lit. "Ebisu Private Junior High School") is a Japanese girl idol group. The band's name is officially shortened to Ebichu (エビ中), which is a double entendre that can mean "in a shrimp". The group was created by 3B Junior, the third section of the talent agency Stardust Promotion. Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku is a "little sister" group to another Stardust Promotion girl group, Momoiro Clover.


Perfume (パフューム) is a Japanese pop girl group from Hiroshima, Japan, consisting of Ayano Ōmoto, Yuka Kashino, and Ayaka Nishiwaki. The group has been signed with Universal Music Japan since 2012.

Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade (チィキィパレード) is a Japanese pop idol group. They are the second group to debut under avex sub-label iDOL Street, following SUPER☆GiRLS.


Buono! (ボーノ Bōno?) is a Hello! Project unit consisting of three members: Momoko Tsugunaga and Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz Koubou, and Airi Suzuki from Cute. The name translates into "good!" (from Italian), but in Japan has come to connote an association with food, as in "delicious". All three members of Buono! originate from Chiba Prefecture.

Hello! Project

Hello! Project (ハロー!プロジェクト Harō! Purojekuto) is the umbrella name for a collective of female singers who are under contract with the Up-Front Group and whose recordings are produced by Tsunku.

3B Junior

3B Junior (3Bjunior) is the idol training department of the third section of the entertainment company Stardust Promotion. Originally it was the company's section dedicated to training female talents under 18 years of age, such as giving them acting lessons. Since 2014 it was reorganized into an independent department that specializes in idols.

iDOL Street

iDOL Street is an avex sub-label, established in 2010, consisting of idol groups. Their current lineup includes SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM, as well as Street-sei trainees.


Amuse, Inc. (株式会社 アミューズ Kabushikigaisha Amyūzu) is a Japanese entertainment company that provides artist management services. The artists include gravure idols, musicians, and so on. Amuse also produces TV & radio programs, commercial films, and movies; other interests are in publication, music software, and patent agent businesses.

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